Frequently Asked Questions

We accept all types of file formats, jpeg, gif, tiff, bmp, ai, eps, doc, ppt, cdr, psd, pdf, scans, hand drawn sketches, product samples. You can directly upload the electronic files to the website or email in your artwork. You can also mail product samples and we can create camera ready artwork from those samples.

Once your job is completed you will receive your artwork through email. if you will be our regular client, then we will create a generic email account for you so that you can directly send your artwork to our art department. You will have to prepay to proceed with your request, if you send jobs everyday then we will bill you after 15 days or monthly.

We can return completed artwork in any file format that you need. Eps, ai, cdr, pdf, psd, tiff, jpeg, gif, bmp, or any other file format specified

1. Quality: Redraw Express designers are some of the best in the business!

2. Price: We research our competitors to see where we stand on price, and we guarantee that we're the lowest price around.

3. Efficiency: You will see your initial compositions in 24 hours (1 business day)
Yes. Redraw Express is able to provide quality design services because all interaction occurs over the internet. Projects are started online and the compositions are displayed on your personal project page when they are ready. Redraw Express specialists are also available via email and at +91-9987992727
Your business image, and all marketing collateral pieces, will have much to do with how your customers think and feel about your business.
Quality marketing pieces give your business an immediate air of professionalism. Even if your business is new or less established, a customer will often go with company that looks most professional.

Every business eventually competes with others. Unique and professional designs will help your customers distinguish your products and services and help them remember who you are.
We are confident that Our design team at Redraw Express will meet or exceed your expectations. If after the first round of design you are not satisfied with the work, we will refund your 50% payment.
Feel free to call us at: +91-9987992727

Confidentiality and Non - Complete Statement

All artwork completed by Redraw Express belongs to the owner/originator of the artwork Redraw Express will not reproduce or disseminate any member's artwork without prior written approval from the owner/originator.

In addition, all information and artwork sent to Redraw Express in both print and electronic medium, is confidential and under no circumstances will be used or shared with any other company, including our own entities, for any purpose.

All images, photographs, and digital art may be subject to copyright or trademark. Although Redraw Express reproduces artwork, it is the responsibility of our members to obtain all usage rights and to abide by all intellectual property laws.

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